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High School Presentations
"Secondary School Proposals"

Presentations to the Barrington School Board on proposals submitted by public schools/academies to enter into a long-term contract (tuition agreement) to provide a secondary education to the resident students (grades 9-12) of the Barrington School District

Monday, Dec. 3rd

~ Joint Board Meeting with Nottingham/ Dover/Barrington 6:00 @ BMS Library
~ Presentation by Dover on Student Tuition Proposal 7:00pm @ BMS Auditeria
Dover Profile 2012-2013
Dover Handouts 12-3-12

Wed. Dec. 5th

~ Presentation by Somersworth on Student Tuition Proposal 6:30pm @ BMS Auditorium
Somersworth Handouts
Notes from Somersworth presentation

~ Presentation by Coe-Brown Northwood Academy on Proposal 7:30 @ BMS Auditeria
CBNA Program of Studies
CBNA Profile2012-2013
Coe-Brown Presentation
Notes from CBNA presentation

Monday, Dec. 10th

~ Presentation by Oyster River Cooperative on Student Tuition Proposal 6:30 @ BMS Auditeria
ORHS Profile 2012-2013
Notes from ORHS presentation

Wed. Dec. 12th

~ High School Forum - 6:30 pm
Follow-up meeting to HS Forum on November 28. Overview of proposals @ BMS Auditeria

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